MBA Media & Entertainment Conference: The premiere event for MBA students exploring careers in media, entertainment, and technology.

Panel Descriptions

Conference attendees will have the option of selecting up to 2 panels to attend during the course of the day.

Panel Sessions:

Achieving Scale in Media & Entertainment: Why it Matters Now

Over the past several years, traditional media and entertainment companies have been seeking scale to respond to intense competition from big tech firms. Why are these companies engaging in increased M&A and international expansion? Will it work?

Venture Capital Landscape and Entrepreneurship in Media

What is the current landscape of venture capital in the Media & Entertainment space? What are the specific challenges inherent to content investment from a valuations perspective? What are the specific entrepreneurial opportunities in digital media and entertainment today?

Overwatch League & the Rise of eSports

E-Sports have become extremely popular over the last few years, growing into a worldwide phenomenon. Blizzard Entertainment has been on the forefront of this explosion and continues to innovate within the field. With the launch of the Overwatch League earlier this year, Blizzard is again trying to reinvent the professional sports landscape. This panel will discuss how the Overwatch League became what it is today and what the future holds for the league and the sport.

Strategies for TV Networks in the Age of Digital Disruption

What is the future of television? With the growth of OTT services, an entire industry has been forced to rethink what it means to be number one. How have/will broadcasters, cable and distribution companies responded to changing audience viewing habits?

Diversity in Media & Entertainment

Diversity in media and entertainment has always been an important topic of our conference. The revelations of misconduct brought about by the #MeToo movement are yet another reason why it is necessary to turn a spotlight on to issues regarding diversity and inclusion. How is the media and entertainment industry responding to these issues and how can the industry improve to promote diverse and healthy working environments?


From user-targeted advertising to recommended watchlists on youtube, technology has aggressively disrupted the media and entertainment space. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, online streaming, and countless other innovations have enabled media-focused businesses and individuals to improve the way in which content is created and consumed. In this ecosystem, companies that are unwilling or unable to adapt to the new normal will soon fade away. This panel will explore the business models that have and will be effective in this exciting world of technology-driven media and entertainment.

Panels subject to capacity constraints.