MBA Media & Entertainment Conference: The premiere event for MBA students exploring careers in media, entertainment, and technology.

Panel Line-up and Descriptions

Conference attendees will have the option of selecting up to 3 panels to attend during the course of the day.

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Panel Session 1:

Hear our voices: niche audiences and mainstream conversations

This panel discussion will focus on diversity in media across news and entertainment.  We will explore how niche audiences and diverse voices are driving mainstream conversations on race, identity, politics and justice.

Sports in a digital age

Digital media is having a growing impact on the overall sports industry and on how fans follow and engage with sports across multiple media platforms. This panel will explore how the rise of new broadcasting platforms and social media engagement is impacting rights holders, brands, and other key stakeholders across the sports industry.

AdTech and the Future of advertising

Consumer migration to digital media has transformed the ad space. Dive into the ad tech that is driving and enabling marketing today, explore how programmatic advertising is changing media buying, and look into trends in content marketing.

Panel Session 2:

Investing in the future of media

This panel will explore investment trends across the media landscape. The discussion will focus on how to evaluate potential investments in media organizations from venture stages to mature companies, and how to identify attractive sub-sectors within media. It will additionally touch on the competitive dynamics currently defining the media industry.

Video Everywhere

This panel will explore the tremendous growth in video content across platforms. As consumers move more and more towards mobile platforms, this session will explore trends in video consumption, different business models, partnerships and offerings to meet the demands of our changing consumer habits.

Music in a digital age

Representatives from the essential players in today's music industry, including labels, streaming services, and innovative music platforms,  discuss the most cutting-edge ways in which they are adapting to the digitalization of music. Sub-topics of discussion will include music piracy, blockchain as a royalty payment platform, music and virtual reality, conversion of digital experiences to live experiences, and more.

Panel Session 3:

are you sitting on a goldmine? content Library monetization

Studios are often acquired and valued based on the strength and extent of their content libraries but what 'value' do these libraries really generate?  In an increasingly competitive environment, the importance of continuing to seek new revenue opportunities from content is essential.  This panel will explore the various new and innovative ways to leverage ever growing content libraries.

getting the most out of your mba

This panel will include HR professionals discussing the key attributes they are looking for in MBA students, the impact of having an MBA in the industry, and the overall best way to strategically position yourself with your degree.

social media and journalism

This panel will discuss how news organizations and journalists are leveraging Facebook and other social media platforms in new and innovative ways. It will investigate how news organizations and journalists mine user-generated content for new stories, and how they can confirm the veracity of those stories.

Panels subject to capacity constraints.